however, even in small concentrations, have an adverse effect on the human body. But particularly dangerous heavy metals - cadmium, copper, arsenic, tin, mercury, lead, chromium and zinc. These effects of metal ions are water-soluble. And the body by inhibiting the enzyme, which leads to severe neurological damage. For example, lead poisoning promote the development of mental retardation and mercury poisoning are typical consequences of mental abnormalities and birth defects. It is unprecedented that converts standard mineral amazing-drugs Get More Info water healing. As happens in the physical and chemical processes? We said that SHUNGIT stones in homeopathic doses, the water comes from carbon fullerenes dissolved in it. Thus, nature itself creates the fullerene solution. This process continued for several hundred years. SHUNGIT water and the interaction results in the formation of mineral water solution with unique features, which represents the finished product the nature of the drug itself, without chemical additives and without human. The incredible
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Programa educatiu del Museu de Lleida 2024 - 2025

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Exposició "Una altra història"

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De l’1 d’octubre al 31 de maig
De dimarts a dissabtes: de 10h a 14h i de 16h a 18h
Diumenges i festius: de 10h a 14h


De l’1 de juny al 30 de setembre
De dimarts a dissabtes: de 10h a 14h i de 17h a 19h
Diumenges i festius: de 10h a 14h

Tancat tots els dilluns (excepte festius), 25 i 26 de desembre, 1 i 6 de gener, i Dilluns de Pasqua.

L’accés al museu es tancarà 15 minuts abans de l’hora de tancament

Accés amb animals: no es pot entrar al museu amb animals, llevat de gossos pigall